What is NexFirm?

NexFirm is a new way for small law firms to operate.  We manage your back office, end to end, allowing you to focus on growing your business and keeping your clients happy.  Our services are in the areas of strategy, finance and accounting, IT & telecommunications, HR and benefits, administration and operations.

Do you only work with law firms?

Our focus is on small law firms with a specialty in start-ups, but we routinely work with firms outside of law.  Any firm that sells their time can benefit from our services.  We’ve found that we can best service a client from the ground up when they first begin to map out the plan for their firm.  For some clients, we simply provide an email account, and for others we manage everything from the phones to billing, invoicing and HR.  That’s the beauty of our services.  You can choose as little or as much as you need, and add capabilities on demand.

Am I too small to need NexFirm? Is my firm too big to work with NexFirm?

No!  We work with solo practitioners, firms with dozens of attorneys and everything in between.  Our service program is customizable, scaling to your needs and budget.

How expensive is it to work with NexFirm?

The initial planning services, which are comprehensive and quite valuable, are free – beat that!  As for the ongoing costs, it’s difficult to say until we talk a bit.  NexFirm is not a software company; we are a service organization that creates a customized offering for each client, so we don’t quote from a rate sheet.  Generally you will find that our service costs less, sometimes significantly less, than it would cost to handle these responsibilities with internal staff or point solutions.  As we create your plan, we will arrive at a low, monthly fee for our services, and stick to it so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with a big bill.

Wait, a launch plan is free?  Why do you do that?

We help you create a comprehensive launch plan that includes financial forecasting and an operational strategy.  The plan will typically be upwards of 25 pages and will take more than 10 hours of our time.  It would be fair to charge a fee for this service, but we choose not to in order to avoid any barriers to getting started.  We find that attorneys that complete a launch plan invariably go out on their own, and are so favorably impressed with our process and expertise that they stay with us as valued long-term clients.  It’s a win-win.

Do you only handle firms in New York?

We have clients across the country.  Our entire business model was built to provide the back-end support you need without all of the overhead of being on-site or just around the corner from our clients.  We cannot offer PEO services in all states but we can in most; all other services are available anywhere in the US.

How do you help firms that are just getting started?

Depending on how you choose to engage our services, we can help in a number of ways.  From mapping out a business plan to providing all of the infrastructure you need to get started and even offering you the ability to accurately forecast your financials, we are set up to save you money by reducing your time and eliminating most of the “learning mistakes” new businesses encounter.  Generally, we can save most clients 20 hours a week or more.

Do I really need all of your capabilities from the start?

Not necessarily.   But, you only pay for what you use.  We can offer you a full arsenal of tools, services and expertise, but at the end of the day – you can choose what makes sense for you.  We’ve found that most clients quickly grow into using many of our services because they grow and realize the value.

How quickly can I get started?

Pretty quickly if you contact us today.  Within 24-working hours you will receive a call from one of our experts.

How long does the launch process take?

The launch timeline is different for every firm’s needs.  Depending on which services you require, we can have you launched and billing in under 30 days, less if you’re willing to hustle.  For complex firms with comprehensive service requirements, one of our implementation specialists will prepare an ambitious schedule for a timely launch that meets your needs.