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    If you dream of launching a law firm, NexFirm can help.


    Our custom launch plan will help you determine the feasibility of this endeavor, and create a road map of success for every task that it will take to get your firm off of the ground.


    With our help, you can understand what it will cost to launch your firm, how much you can expect to earn, when you will generate an income from your practice, and more, before you take the leap.



    Launching a law practice is daunting if you don't have a well thought out plan.  There is a lot to do, and much of it is out of your comfort zone.  Pile on top of that all the anxiety you feel because your career and livelihood hangs in the balance; you feel like you are facing the impossible.


    NexFirm's process is designed to maximize your firm's chances for success. Through planning and leveraging our best practices, we can help you reduce the risks and help you manage your firm to the most positive outcome possible.


    We have more than one hundred clients across the US. Click on the NF locations on the map to learn their stories.











    After 10 to 15 hours of consultation, NexFirm will publish a launch plan for your new firm.  It will include financial forecasts and operational plans, so that you can decide if a new firm launch fits your goals, and to provide a path to move forward when you do.


    Secure financing


    Armed with the knowledge of how much it will cost to launch your firm, NexFirm will help you to seek funding sources, and prepare materials for lenders.



    Launch implementation


    Everything is under control.




    Launch day!


    Show up at the office and start working!




    Provide ongoing services


    You will meet with NexFirm each week to work the launch plan, and confirm that everything is set for your launch date.





    NexFirm, L.L.C. undertakes not to use the information for any purpose, other than for the purpose of considering collaboration, without obtaining written agreement of the Disclosing Party.




    We have 100+ clients around continental US.

    Here are some of our clients.



      The Mitchell Law Group, PLLC


      Location::                  Fredericksburg, Virginia


      Practice Areas::       Medical Malpractice Defense


      The Mitchell Law Group Defend health care providers, primarily physicians, in medical malpractice lawsuits throughout Virginia.


      What they love about NexFirm::


      Nexfirm was instrumental in enabling me to open up my own law firm in the Fall of 2016.  David DePietto and his outstanding team provided a game plan from Day 1.  The plan began months before we launched with specific and concrete lists of to-dos, deadlines to accomplish them, weekly conference calls to monitor progress, and alternatives if things changed.  Nexfirm’s experience, advice and encouragement (when doubts creeped in about whether I was doing the right thing), brought structure and peace of mind to a daunting and overwhelming process.  Nexfirm assured me that I could pull this off and be more successful and fulfilled professionally.  They were right. I am indebted.


      Silverman & Associates


      Location::                 White Plains, NY

                                        (serving NYC, Long Island and the

                                        Hudson Valley)

      Practice Areas::       Litigation insurance companies,

                                        third party administrators, school districts,

                                        public entities, governmental entities,

                                        corporations and private clients.


      Silverman & Associates are experienced trial attorneys who focus on litigation in the New York State and Federal Courts. We handle cases in the New York City Metropolitan area including Long Island, Rockland, Westchester and the Hudson Valley.


      Clients include insurance companies, third party administrators, school districts, public entities, governmental entities, corporations and private clients.


      What they love about NexFirm::


      Nexfirm takes care of all of the back office demands so we can focus on our client’s needs. Nexfirm was instrumental in formulating and executing our launch plan.

    • BONA LAW

      Bona Law PC


      Location::                  La Jolla, California


      Practice Areas::       Antitrust, Complex Litigation, Appeals


      Bona Law PC is a boutique law firm that focuses on antitrust (litigation and counseling), complex litigation (plaintiff and defense) and appeals.


      What they love about NexFirm::


      NexFirm is an integral part of our operation. They seamlessly handle the back-office of our firm, offer outstanding guidance and advice, and provide us with the resources that we need to compete with the biggest law firms in the world for cutting-edge legal work.

    • CGS3

      Crosbie Gliner Schiffman Southard & Swanson LLP (CGS3)


      Location::                San Diego, Los Angeles

      Practice Areas::     Commercial Real Estate


      CGS3 is a commercial real estate boutique law firm with offices in San Diego and Los Angeles.   Formed in July, 2013, CGS3 is a relatively new law firm that has quickly emerged as a leader among a new generation of small law firms offering the sophistication and service of traditional big law firms at a much more reasonable rate.  Since our inception we have grown from five founders to a commercial real estate super boutique comprised of 21 attorneys and six paralegals – all of whom are either “Big Law” veterans or former in-house general counsel at well-known real estate companies.  Our capabilities cover the full spectrum of commercial real estate including entitlements, development, construction, purchase and sale, financing and leasing.


      What they love about NexFirm::


      NexFirm  is a unique and valuable find in the business of legal support.  They are willing to go the extra mile for our firm, providing turnkey services as well as individualized attention and prompt responses to our questions. Highly efficient and responsive, NexFirm is the optimum partner for our business, providing a wealth of resources, support services and information related to information technology, accounting, insurance, employment, finance -- and other issues critical to the successful operation of our growing law firm. NexFirm has made many of the most time-consuming “back-of-the-house” functions of running our business disappear and that helps keep us focused and on track. NexFirm gives us the freedom and confidence to focus on the meaningful legal work we do with our clients and on finding ways to continue to support our lawyers in their collective effort to grow our law firm.


      Shapiro & Associates Law


      Location::                Northbrook Illinois

      Practice Areas::      Zoning, land use, real estate


      Boutique law firm which focuses on zoning and land use. The firm also handles civil and commercial litigation matters in state and federal court


      What they love about NexFirm::


      NexFirm  is amazing. Their services, business advice and guidance are extraordinarily valuable for any solo practitioner and small law firm.  I highly recommend them. They are simply the best at what they do