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Welcome to NexFirm!


Who we are:

NexFirm is a better way for a small law firm to startup and operate their practice.  We start with a plan and a process to launch your firm, and continue with a platform to manage your back office, end to end, so you focus on growing your business and keeping your clients happy.  Our services are in the areas of finance and accounting, IT & telecommunications, HR and benefits, administration and operations; all of the essential operational building block for a successful legal practice.

What we do:

NexFirm helps you create a launch plan and financial projection to allow you access to critical information about your firm:  what will it cost to launch?  How much can I expect to earn?  What needs to be done?  Once you have constructed a launch plan we help you execute against it, with many of our firms up and running 30 days from the time they decide to launch.

After your firm launches, you leverage our suite of back office services to provide the operational processes you need to make your firm successful.  NexFirm turns 800 hours or more per year of your non-productive operational efforts into time that you can use to keep you clients happy and attract more.  Click HERE to learn more about our operational service offerings.


NYC Bar Member Benefits:

Small Firm Startup Coaching:

NexFirm provides programs for NYC Bar members that assist in creating a launch plan.  These programs are available online via free webinar, and feature key information and participation by leading industry experts.

Assistance Launching Your Firm:

NexFirm utilizes our services, experience, and expertise to help NYC Bar Members transition to a small-firm platform.  NYC Bar members recieve a discount as much as $100 per month on Finance and Accounting services.  Let us help you take the next big step in your career!


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