IT & Telecommunications

Enterprise-class Information Technology

We don’t sell you equipment; we deliver a comprehensive technology solution. From computing to handheld hardware, software, security, data storage and connectivity, we work with you to provide the tools and technical support to place your firm ahead of the curve.

First-line technical support is available when you need help; damaged or lost equipment is replaced immediately. Data security and backup is handled seamlessly, and meets or exceeds the standards at even the largest enterprises. Large clients that worry about security issues at small and mid-sized firms will be at ease with the state-of-the-art security and data protection strategy you are using.


NexFirm’s computing solution spans from hardware to software, from servicing to accessories – even procurement, configuration and setup. Our holistic IT approach means your technology will work so your people can.


From Blackberry® to iPhone®, from software, to set-up – NexFirm handles it.  No more phone bills, downtime or hours wasted selecting plans and reviewing charges.

First-line support:

With one point of contact you don’t have to try to figure out what is wrong and how it might get fixed, we do that for you.

Loaner service:

When equipment is lost or stolen, we supply fully configured equipment the next business day to minimize your downtime.


All data is encrypted, duplicated and backed up to insure it is never lost or stolen.

File sharing/Document management/Document retention:

Choose from a number of solutions available to meet your needs.


A robust and flexible VoIP phone system is custom designed around your firm’s needs.

Internet Connectivity:

NexFirm procures and supports a variety of data service plans to keep your devices, and you, connected.

360 Degree Office:

From on-site servicing and network rollouts to home office setup and user training, we provide a holistic solution to your technology and communications needs.