Personalized Financial Reporting

Financial information is the cornerstone to making successful choices. As part of our financial operations management offering, we provide detailed reporting along with advice on how to leverage information into action. From pricing and staffing plans to forecasting and budgeting, you have the tools to make educated decisions that improve your chances of success.

Internal reporting and communication:

Monthly financial reviews with partners: profitability, partner compensation, key operating metrics and forecasts for upcoming performance. Also includes actionable recommendations based on findings.

Expense optimization to staff planning to pricing to partnership structure:

NexFirm provides ongoing advice to help you respond to changing conditions with proven strategies.

External Reporting:

Our protocol enables your outside accountant to manage your tax planning on a real-time basis with precision. From payments of estimates and preparation of filling to planning and strategy, NexFirm provides the support your tax expert needs.

Tax payments an taxation reporting:

Under the direction of your tax expert, NexFirm makes all of your tax payments to federal, state and local authorities where applicable.