Strategic Planning

Many start-ups fail within their first few years. You can avoid the mistakes that new firms make and increase your chance for success by drawing upon our experience and expertise. NexFirm offers an unparalleled ability to provide market-tested knowledge, benchmark results and provide a blueprint for your success.

Business feasibility study:

Understand with accuracy your chances for success, what you can expect to earn and how much investment will be required before you make make your decision to move ahead. If you decide you are not ready, NexFirm will help you formulate a plan to help you meet your goal. This exercise will provide you with the information and confidence you need to move ahead without worry and angst.

Business plan:

NexFirm helps you define your operational, marketing, and management strategy.   Your business plan will provide a blueprint for your firm and confirm all partners are in agreement about its mission. Our experience with firms like yours allows us to recommend best practices, so you can avoid mistakes.

Financial plan:

An accurate and detailed financial forecast is the most important tool for managing a business. Our process combines the particulars of your practice with our knowledge of small firm operations to formulate a plan to help your firm thrive.

Operating plan:

NexFirm can tailor an operating plan that maximizes efficiency and cost effectiveness, producing a better, faster path to market. 

Professional liability strategy:

Our risk management team will do a full assessment of your exposures and make recommendations in the area of contract language, engagement and process.