About NexFirm

A message from our CEO
I spent my formative professional years in the hedge fund business.  It was a time of explosive growth and fantastic change, fueled by tens of thousands of hedge funds that launched over just a few decades.  There were many drivers to this trend, but the primary enabler was prime brokerage, a set of services that provided a "hedge fund in a box" to investment entrepreneurs.

In 2008, I observed the same trends emerging in the legal business that I saw in investment management,  and decided to provide a similar set of services to create the same opportunity for law firm entrepreneurs.  Over the years we have increased our scope of services, but our goal has remained the same- to provide the tools and capabilities that maximize our client's chances for success.  We have learned that to achieve these objectives, we must have a rigorous process, great people, and the capacity to change so that we can adapt as our clients face new challenges.

We believe that we have been successful, because we have seen our clients experience wonderful success.  Our clients grow at a much more rapid pace than the overall legal industry, they enjoy greater levels of profitability, and they report significantly higher career satisfaction.    We believe that the secret is simple; when we provide timely and accurate information and deliver great advice on best practices, our clients make better informed decisions that result in spectacular results.

Focus is the key to our success.  NexFirm will continue to work to help small law firms enjoy the highest level of success possible.  As they succeed, we will.
David DePietto


NexFirm's Identity

The NexFirm logo incorporates our focus on law firms and our goal of providing an end to end solution for their back-office capabilities, as "a law firm in a box", and at the same time our core belief that we must help our clients to maximize their success, with the "bloom" of success.