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Mitchell Law Group, PLLC

Alexandria, Virginia
Practice Areas:: Medical Malpractice Defense
The Mitchell Law Group Defend health care providers, primarily physicians, in medical malpractice lawsuits throughout Virginia

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Nexfirm was instrumental in enabling me to open up my own law firm in the Fall of 2016.  Their Team and his outstanding team provided a game plan from Day 1.  The plan began months before we launched with specific and concrete lists of to-dos, deadlines to accomplish them, weekly conference calls to monitor progress, and alternatives if things changed.  Nexfirm’s experience, advice and encouragement (when doubts creeped in about whether I was doing the right thing), brought structure and peace of mind to a daunting and overwhelming process.  Nexfirm assured me that I could pull this off and be more successful and fulfilled professionally.  They were right. I am indebted.
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